Neighborhood Watch Kids and Duh Color Stuff ™ is an exciting adventure story in which five brave young kids and their accompanying pet dog, set out to save their neighborhood. Join Arnold, Maya, Johnny, Suzie, Billy and Paw in their amazing journey to self-discovery. Help them overcome their differences, make the right choices and work together as a team to solve the mysterious events.



Awards & Recomendations

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Recomended by the UK EEG  “Literacy, problem solving, and social skills are enjoyably weaved together in this story book app where the reader makes the decisions to influence the adventure.

Smart Media Award Winner

 Academics' Choice Awards brings recognition to the best brain-boosting, genuinely effective learning products on the market that stimulate the mind.

kidSAFE Seal Certified  

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Enjoy the beautifully illustrated storybook, spiced up with appealing animations and original sound track.

An Interactive Story

Kids experience the story through read and play using their visual and auditory senses.

 Amazing Adventures 

Kids take part in a mysterious adventure while making moral decisions from everyday situations.

 10 Challenging Games

Kids will use their skills to solve and overcome obstacles they encounter on their journey.

 21 Multiple Endings

Kids make their own influential choices which affect the storyline.


What Parents Say

Suzan, Santa Monica CA

We loved the concept of this book and the way the mystery unfolds. The Kids must work together to uncover a sinister plot and save neighborhood. This book never preaches but has a great message about friendship, good behavior, solving problems and decision making.

Mark, Austin TX 

Best children's book I've read in a long time. Absolutely loved reading this book with my two kids having the choice of how to progress in the story. All the characters are unique and have their own traits and abilities. Full of mystery, adventure and great illustrations throughout.

Amy, New York NY 

A great book! My daughter really enjoyed this story. It's got a great plot that engages children well. It has great features and sound, including narration that is reminiscent of a cartoon, alongside interesting dialogue and relevant mini games for gathering clues along the way. 

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